What, Why, and How.

A quick intro from our founder explaining what we’re about, why it matters, and how it works:



It’s Time to Catch Fire.


Our Manifesto:

Women are like sparks and matches—we are meant to burn for something. And if we all catch fire, the world will be transformed by the heat and light of our collective flame.

Endless to-do lists and unattainable expectations convince us that we can’t, or shouldn’t, or don't have time to catch fire… that our value lies elsewhere.

But women are the only ones with both the will to end injustice and the power to make it happen. Our spending runs economies. Our mothering shapes cultures. Our relationships define society.

Now it’s time for our conscience to determine justice, demand equality, and deliver peace.

It’s time to catch fire because we are sparks and matches.





Courtney Christenson is a writer, activist, peacemaker, wife, and mother. Sparks & Matches is the result of her decade-long pursuit to understand how women can make a difference in the world around them.

She is passionate about helping women find their passion and change the world, and does her best to lead by example. You can read more about her personal work—including her Redefining We photography exhibit—on our Spark Change page.

Courtney would love nothing more than to chat with you, answer your questions, or help you figure out your next step. Shoot her an email at “courtney @ sparksandmatches.com” or give her a call at 760 - 715 - 7217.

Other ways to get involved:

Want Courtney or one of the women featured on the site to come and speak?

Are you an artist who loves the vibe of this site? Join us by making some art!

Are you a storyteller or writer? Write for us! We’d love to hear your ideas…